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Centre of Hydrometeorological Service at Cabinet of Ministers of the Republic of Uzbekistan
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The structure of the Centre of Hydrometeorological Service of Uzbekistan

Production units (non-juridical entities)

  Service of Methodology of Agro- and Hydrometeorological Observations Improvement of methods of environment observation.  
  Administration of Water Cadastre and Meteorological Measurements Organization of systematical observations of environment conditions on the territory of Uzbekistan.  
  Atmosphere, Surface Water and Soil Pollution Monitoring Service Organization of systematical observations of air and surface water pollution level.  
  Service of Meteorological Provision for Aviation Meteorological provision of aviation flights safety.  
  Service of Hydrometeorological Provision Making forecasts and operational provision of state authorities and population with hydrometeorological information.  
  13 territorial Administrations of Hydrometeorology Making observations of environment conditions and hydrometorological servicing of the territorial state authorities.  
  Department of Power and Engineering Servicing of Surface Networks Engineering provision of functioning of central and network units of Uzhydromet.  
  Department of Logistics Logistics of industrial and economic activities of Uzhydromet.  

Subordinate units (juridical entities)

  "METEOINFOSISTEM" Information-and-Technical Administration Collection, processing and dissemination of all types of hydrometeorological and satellite information  
  Scientific Research Hydrometeorological Institute (NIGMI) Scientific research activities on hydrometeorological issues.  
  Tashkent Hydrometeorological Professional College Training of technicians.  
  "Hydrometpribor" Scientific and Productional Enterprise Development and production of hydrometeorological equipment.  


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