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Centre of Hydrometeorological Service at Cabinet of Ministers of the Republic of Uzbekistan
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"Gidrometpribor" Scientific-and-Production Enterprise ("GMP" SPE)

Chief: Kim Stanisalv
Telephone: 234-78-73

"Gydrometpribor" was founded in 1992 by the order of the Main Administration on Hydrometeorology at the Cabinet of Ministers of Republic of Uzbekistan.

The enterprise was set up for the development and manufacturing of hydrometeorological instruments and equipment for the control of environment conditions.

The regulations of the enterprise envisage the right for manufacturing instruments and equipment of the general industrial type.

In the period from 1995 up to 1997 the enterprise implemented the Program on development and production of the up-to-date instruments and equipment in Republic of Uzbekistan for the conduction of hydrometeorological observations approved by the Enactment of the Cabinet of Ministers of RUz (№416, 1995).

Efficiency of "Gydrometpribor" SPE is defined by the available stably functioning external infrastructure composed of:

  • NIGMI of Uzhydromet;
  • Chair of atmospheric physics and hydrology of National State University named after Mirzo Ulugbek;
  • Hydrometeorological college;
  • Technical Administration of Uzhydromet

which provide for scientific and practical experience of observations of natural processes and incoming specialists of different qualification.

"Gydrometpribor" SPE keeps business relations with different organizations and establishments of Uzbekistan among which Administration of big water storages of Ministry of agriculture, physical-and-technological institute of AcSc of RUz, "Akadempribor" SPS, 'Foton" plant and testing laboratories of Uzbekistan state standard are.

"Gydrometpribor" SPE is presented in the Working Group of CIOM of WMO and in expert team of the Centre on science and technologies of the Cabinet of Ministers of RUz (№416, 1995).

Directions of prospective developments

  • Automated system of the control and operation of technological processes on hydrological constructions
  • Elaboration of systems for the humidity and temperature control
    • Underground engineering communications
    • Specialized rooms
    • Technical conjunctions (down first floor of the buildings and constructions)
  • Transport meteorology (control, accounting, diagnostics)
    • Temperature, humidity, precipitation, visibility
    • Conditions of the roads and pavement
    • Glazed ice, etc.
    • Snow avalanches, snowdrifts
Equipment and instruments manufactured by "Gydrometpribor" SPE as analogues to the imported ones

Equipment for hydrometeorological purposes

Device for estimation of velocity
Is designed for the estimation of flow velocity in digital form. The rate of velocity estimation is 0,02-9,99 m/sec.

Flow meter
Is designed for the automatic estimation of flow velocity in the rivers and canals with flow meters.

Tretjakov's raingauge
Measurement of atmospheric precipitation.

Device for the group temperature control of the year temperature
Is used at hydrometeorological stations in technological processes.

Device for control of the soil temperature is used at hydrometeorological stations.
!!!Применяется на гидрометеорологических станциях.!!!

Is designed for automatic control and registration of the direct solar radiation.

Electronic measuring thermometers for different media on the base of КМ-1019 ЕМ integral microcircuit

Thermometer probe
Is designed for measuring of temperature of the topsoil.

Hydrological Thermometer
Is designed for water temperature measuring at the depth up to 0,5 m.

Fixed-time measuring thermometer
Is designed for operation control of air temperature on meteorological ground. Overall exposition area - 1 m2.

Device for protection of electric motors !!!(УЗЭД-01)!!!
Is designed for control of emergency conditions and switching-off of electric motor (5-500 kWt) in the case of such situations.

Device for the thermal control and protection !!!(УТКЗм-01)!!!
Is designed for the permanent control of temperature in eight points of high-power aggregate equipped with ТСМ or ТСП sensors.

Equipment for general industrial purposes

Electric siren !!!(ЭС-01)!!!
Is designed for warning about emergency situations with the sound signals.

Device for siren operation !!!(УУС-02)!!!
Is designed for switching on of the short-time operating devices to the three-phase circuit of alternative current with 380/220V voltage and 50 Hz frequency in accordance with received signals switched on the distance passing through the subscriber line from power station or ОБ-5.

Device for operation of system supporting the prescribed temperature regime !!!(УУСПТ-01)!!!
Is designed for keeping the temperature in the prescribed temperature range in the production area.

Automatic device for estimation of parameters of the relevant quality condition of the natural gas
Estimates the dew point by the humidity and hydrocarbons of natural gas.

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